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About Revenue Protection

A Multifaceted Approach


Energy diversion is a global problem, with $96 Billion lost in revenue for utilities annually. Honeywell’s Revenue Protection Solution uses advanced analytics to help pinpoint high-probability energy theft instances. With detailed insights, utilities will ​better understand where energy diversion is occurring and improve their revenue while keeping field personnel safer.

Honeywell understands that safety and security of field personnel is a top priority for utilities. Using the Revenue Protection Solution will help determine where energy theft is occurring. Deploying UAVs to those areas of suspected theft can help keep personnel safer while still being able to gather the necessary case management assets.

Detecting energy diversion is important, but curbing future behavior is equally valued. By implementing behavior change programs in areas of high energy theft, we can help reshape the way the world uses energy. Honeywell also offers protective meter enclosures that will shut off all meters in the locked box when tampering is detected. These services are all part of the multifaceted approach Honeywell is taking to reduce Non-Technical Loss, globally.​