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May 13, 2019

Honeywell launching new hardware and software features all poised to drive a more holistic, yet surgical, approach to enterprise-class demand response and distributed energy resource programs.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minnesota, May 13th, 2019 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced it has launched an innovative deployment model and several corresponding feature capabilities to support a more demanding grid.

Honeywell’s DemandSites energy asset management platform is now deployable as an outcome-based, modular solution giving utilities more granular control over their IT/OT environments. Under this approach, Honeywell evaluates the utility’s current systems and capabilities, defines the intended outcomes, and only deploys as much or as little automation required to reach the desired outcome. This allows utilities to better leverage and improve legacy applications to economically fill technology gaps without necessarily disrupting current business processes.

“Our clients often have explicit needs to address and are led to believe they need to buy a specific piece of software with a specific acronym to achieve their goals,” says Jamie Coffel, Global Product Manager with Honeywell Smart Energy. “They are often surprised to find that we can augment their existing systems to achieve their Demand Response or Distributed Energy program goals. We can save them money in both the short and long terms”.

New modular additions to the DemandSites platform include:

  • Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – Enables connected loads and resources to be more intelligently managed during an event to provide a stable, defined capacity commitment.
  • DR over AMI – DemandSites will now support traditional DR applications via Honeywell AMI networks and the new EdgeControl node (ECN) load control transceiver.
  • Fast Frequency Response (FFR) – The quick, reliable response to grid frequency deviations attributed to systems with a high penetration of renewable energy. Distributed premise-level intelligence for ultra-fast control and centralized program management.
  • Transactive Energy (TE) – Incentivizes end users to reduce, consume, or produce energy based on published pricing for defined intervals throughout the defined time period.
  • EdgeControl Node (ECN) – A customizable load control switch supporting grid-edge apps and numerous communications channels from AMI networks to LTE-M/NB-IoT with multiband support. Choose from existing form factors or work with our custom development team to create your own, utility-specific device at your price point.​

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