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Honeywell Smart Energy

Together, Honeywell Smart Energy, its partners and its customers, are fundamentally reshaping the way the world uses energy.

Honeywell Smart Energy is enabling utilities to deploy advanced capabilities that transform operations, reliability, and environmental sustainability; while also providing solutions to engage their customers in a more meaningful way.

With the acquisition of Elster, Honeywell is now more than ever a global leader in connected solutions, from generation to consumption, delivering advanced capabilities and services that enable energy companies and their customers. 

Honeywell Smart Energy dynamically manages energy, improves efficiency and reliability cost effectively.

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"Honeywell's guidance with filing the necessary documents was a breeze and the district was on its way to energy savings." ~Palmdale Water District

"Our partnership with Honeywell and their team of professionals has helped our program exceed expectations. Our non-residential customers have been very satisfied with the program offerings and the level of expertise of the program team, with over 5,500 rebates and $22 million in incentives issues in less than 4 years." ~ Fortune 500 Utility in Eastern USA